To maintain normal cholesterol levels

Only one capsule per day

Natural product

Does not
contain allergens

and lactose-free

or preservatives

What is Hartikol?

Dietary supplement to maintain normal

levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Hartikol is the only product on our market,which has fermented red rice with a combination of

artichoke extract for even better effect.

Monakolin K  successfully lowers the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood of patients.

Nature in the composition of Hartikol

Dry extract of fermented red rice
( Monascus purpureus)

Monakolin K of red rice helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood. A useful effect is achieved by the daily consumption of 10 mg monakolin K.
Hartikol in the daily dose contains 10 mg (of) monakolin K.

Dry extract of artichoke leaves.
(Cynara scplymus L.)

Why Hartikol works?

Only one capsule a day is enough

Cholesterol, as the fat is present in every living cell, is the most important factor in metabolic processes.
However, if the level increases  it can be a risk factor for development of cardiovascular diseases.

Hartikol is a  dietary supplement and  has effects in just one capsule a day
Does not contain allergens, gluten or lactose.

Natural product

Hartikol is the only natural  dietary supplement that contains a combination of fermented red rice    with the leaf artichoke extract. The positive effects of red rice in the fight against high cholesterol levels in the blood have been known and used already in ancient China.
Hartikol  is the only product that has merged all knowledge and properties of natural products into one.

How to use Hartikol?

Method of use

One capsule a day, taken after your last meal with half a cup of liquid.
In the case of unwanted effects, contact  your doctor or pharmacist..

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